Wednesday, 4 January 2012

For a good night's sleep when you're camping

There's nothing worse that will spoil your camping trip than not being comfortable during the night. There are a number of campbed options available, including folding canvas beds with metal frames, but there is a risk with these beds, particularly in dome tents that the metal frame will rip your tent if the tent or sleeping pod isn't quite big enough to fit the bed in.
Airbeds have the advantage that they are light and compact when folded so easy to transport and they squeeze easily into the corner of your tent without the risk of damage. The drawbacks of them that they can take a long time to pump up and they can be uncomfortable if the air leaks during the night or the air squashes to the edge of the bed when you lie on it, so not giving your spine much support.
Aerobeds are at the top end of the airbed market and are so comfortable that many people use them as guest beds or even permanent beds.

They have a number of extra luxuries that mean that althought they are a little bit more expensive, they are worth paying that bit extra.
They are made of a very strong vinyl that can't be punctured, so they are very durable.
The seams are electronically welded so they don't split or let air escape.
They have a built in air pump that you plug in or use a rechargeable battery and they inflate in around 2 to 5 minutes.
There is a specially patented valve technology so that the air doesn't leak during the night.
The special release valve means they deflate within seconds.
There is a special comfort control so you can adjust the bed air pressure easily at the touch of a button.
They come in a range of sizes from single to king size and also a range of heights, with the raised Aerobeds being the height of a regular bed.

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